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What is CMDI?

CMDI is a menswear brand with a unique point of view, it stands for -

Creatively Made Distinctively Individual

Based in Malaysia, we want to make modern, sophisticated, nonchalant styling accessible.

Collections are designed and made with love for people who have a distinctive personality and are not afraid to have fun with fashion. Each design is carefully considered and have just the right amount of fun with one goal in mind - to make you look your best.


How do we put a collection together?

We start our design process based on our own wardrobes and we constantly ask ourselves, "What are the most loved pieces we own and would love to buy again or wear again?". We all have a "go to" outfit that we are comfortable with that you know and feel you look your best.

We base our silhouettes on our favorite pieces and work on our inspiration or theme for the collection. We are most inspired by art and we paint all our own paintings which will act as the base of the collection, be it prints or details of each garment.

What makes CMDI unique? 

Primarily, it is our prints and details on each garment as it is based on our own paintings.

In addition, I think we understand that fashion is not dictated by age, it is more about one's personality and it is a form of self-expression. We pay close attention to construction and the fit of the garment. We aim to flatter and we want you to look the best you can, by making clothes that help you achieve that.

Who is the CMDI man?


The CMDI man is someone who is engaged by clothes that are unique and appreciates craftsmanship & artistry. He knows what he wants, is distinctively individual and is not fluttered by what others have. He is the discerning individual.

Contact details

Lot UGF-25, Upper Ground Floor, Bangsar Village II,

2 Jalan Telawi Satu, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: + 60 3 – 2725 4323



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