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Pa Ya Hui is a Malaysian fashion designer specializing in pattern cutting and draping techniques, and her designs are greatly influenced by music, art and history. She is currently based in Penang and is constantly experimenting with new, extraordinary techniques to reinterpret the beauty of the female form in her designs – resulting in a spellbinding visual language.

After graduating from Equator Academy of Art in 2009 with a Diploma in Fashion Design Technology, Pa furthered her studies at the University of Middlesex in the UK. She honed her skills in pattern cutting throughout her years at Middlesex which resulted in an incredible internship opportunity with Inbar Spector, a prominent London designer, working with the pattern cutting team for 2 great years. Armed with an innate sense of fashion with a keen eye on detailing, she rose to become one of the most prominent staff at the fashion house. With all the knowledge gathered from the years of working with the finest in the European fashion industry, she eventually returned to Malaysia to set up her eponymous fashion atelier in 2016.

Since then, Pa has dressed prominent personalities in Penang, and also styled for many performers in several arts events. In 2016, Pa participated in Kedah Fashion Week and Penang Fashion Week. The collections showcased were entirely hand-made and highly unique, resulting in much publicity in the media.

PAYAHUI has been featured in publications such as Nanyang Siang Pau, Kwong Wah, Sin Chew, Pocket News, etc.

Last year, FEMALE magazine named PAYAHUI as the “5 Rising Designers To Watch Out For” and Harper’s Bazaar featured her in their “NAMES TO KNOW” article.

Pa says, “As a new brand, we are still developing our "signature". We are doing our best to establish our philosophy - we don't tell people what is or what isn't, what can or cannot be done, we don't judge, and we prefer to listen and share.

The ideal PAYAHUI woman is strong yet gentle in character, sensuous, a free soul with an open mind, and one who loves life and what the world offers, living life to the fullest. We celebrate and cherish these traits in our designs.”




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Address: 368-2-4 Belisa Row, Jalan Burma 10350 Georgetown, Penang

Phone: +60124950201


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