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Fondest was founded in 2020 by Josephine Yap with a vision of creating clothes for curvy women and creating awareness for quality over quantity, thereby reducing wastage.

The collection is thoughtfully made to help women embrace and feel confident in their curves and manufactured at limited quantities to avoid waste, and ensuring that customers value each unique piece they own.

The brand aims to constantly support the local community through local manufacturing facilities and also with yearly collaborations with local brands. Other than that, Fondest adheres to ethical values, emphasising care; from the workers who make the garments, to creating educational topics on social media on bringing more awareness and mindfulness to reduce waste.

“Little steps to being kinder to the environment, is also being kinder to your future self,” remarks Josephine.

With a vision of gradually being truly sustainable, Josephine and her team are constantly discovering ways to minimise waste in managing the brand. We have a strong commitment to ZERO single-use plastic packaging, where all garments are carefully handled, packed and stored in recyclable paper packaging.

This year, the brand will take a step further by giving back to Mother Nature. For every 2 classic collection items that have been sold, Fondest will donate a portion of its sales to Free Tree Society, who will be planting and nurturing a tree.

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