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FRIESENGUYS is an emerging designer label by Malaysian designer, Edie Chung. Prior to launching Friesenguys, Chung majored in Literature & Theatre Production but upon graduation, created a small collection of androgynous womenswear looks which caught the attention of the buyers of Japanese department stores in Tokyo and Osaka. 

This eventually led to the creation of FRIESENGUYS, a project that started as an idea of creating menswear by drawing techniques and elements of womenswear. Under this new bold and whimsical direction, the result is an explosive wonderland of patterns, surface decorations and unusual textile combinations of various proportions. Collections are continuously an exploration of the subversive and unconventionally elegant with the label offering full womenswear and also gender neutral designs. 


Using mandarin collars and cheongsam neckline cuts as the starting point, this collection looks at early 20th century modernised ‘Chinese’ fashion as it’s slowly influenced by the West (Shanghai-The Bund, Colonial Hong Kong and SEA). The Collection is filled with old-world check fabrics and patterns and then mixed with cuts inspired by the shapes of Balenciaga and YSL in the 50s-60s. There is rebellion through poufy dresses and remnants of streetwear reminiscent Old-Harajuku culture. The resulting collection is a not-so-distinguishable fusion of more East than West influences, a collection of the ‘new’ Mandarin

Contact Details


Isetan The Japan Store

Lot 10 Shopping Center, 50 Jln Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +6 012 920 3577



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