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LTTL is a sustainable fashion label rooted in pushing culture forward, creating change and ultimately — a new way to be for women.

Like a woman looking into a mirror, with a familiar yet contrasting mirror-image looking back at her, LTTL epitomised a duality of nature within every woman, and embrace the two different sides of self in one being.

Our design philosophy focuses on becoming zero waste in form and function (outer), while at the same time allowing for a sensitive awareness to defy, redefine and reform every woman’s inherent characteristics (inner).

We are on a zero-waste sustainable journey.

At LTTL, we strive to be more conscious of our actions and their potential impacts on others and the natural world. We are constantly reading, researching, developing and listening to improve ourselves and pursuit the balance of the 3P's: Planet [environment], People [society] and Prosperity [economy]. Sustainability is achieved when the 3P's complement and support each other so that none are destroyed by the other.

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