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Nor Neither is an independent designer label founded in 2022, by three contradictory souls. Each founder carries their specialised skills and distinctive voices to the label, carving out an unique brand identity.

Nor Neither values both absurd and usual thoughts, a label that uses the platform of atelier and art to embrace self-contradiction and celebrate the beauty of uncertainty. Nor Neither's designs are dominated by experimenting with ruffles and cut-outs. The shape and the endless creativities of construction in ruffles have indicated the core idea of Nor Neither - "The Uncertain". The label only produces to order, and reuses most of its fabric from past seasons which minimises the possibility of waste and oversupply.

The designer, Hailey Lim studied Fashion Atelier in University of Creative Art, UK and worked with ROKH during her internship. Focusing on the atelier's experimental pattern and precise craftsmanship, the label is creating garments through its structured, layered and voluminous silhouette which effectively redefined the notions of feminine.

This season, the brand attempts to embark on the challenge to produce a collection that is close to the current industry trend of sustainable fashion. Methods and processes utilised will focus on low wastage, fair and ethical production and high quality timeless designs that promote “slow fashion” which will be produced based on customer demands for custom ordered pieces.

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