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Nuboaix (NBX); void of influence for Fall/Winter 2019/2020 [Vacuum]


The brand’s 9th men’s collection tells the story of being caught in a vacuum, detached from all deterrents and stimulus. Taking its cue from the feeling of aloofness from being cocooned in the studio, the concept for this season spells solitary silence. This is reflected in the almost monotone looks with muted functional details, amplifying the mood of one that stays unchanged, neither tainted nor painted.


Unchanged is the NBX DNA – the usual clever panelling that belies the multi-functions engineered under a clean surface and the crowd favourite tri-acetate in black and white, that gives structure to a sharp silhouette. Lamb leather and mesh are the usual suspects for tone-on-tone panelling to give depth and texture.

Subtly new is the controlled asymmetry in panelling – a test of skills on drafting paper so cleanly engineered that one might miss it like an illusion on fabric. Also introducing red cashmere wool as the new kid on the block, a stunning shade that’ll make the Red Queen jealous.


Without compromising on functionality, the NBX style has gone sleeker yet louder. Overall, this fall/winter collection continues to offer a good mix of styles for the young and sporty, to the mature yet hip market; and continues to embody the NBX philosophy of producing forward looks for tomorrow, without compromising on the wearability of today.



Nuboaix [pronounced noo-boh-eiks] or NBX in short, started their menswear arm in 2014, and has since presented 9 collections during the prestigious Paris Fashion Week. Besides selling exclusively at Robinsons the Heeren Singapore, NBX has also been stocked globally in countries such as Japan, Taiwan, USA and Saudi Arabia. 


Run by a designer couple who are not only partners in business but also partners in life, they manage the full process hands-on from designing to production. Each and every piece is conceptualized and crafted with pride in-house, leading to indisputable quality in both the construction of, and the finished product.

With a distinct industrial DNA, NBX offers full-on originality and modesty in their concept, details and aesthetics – all constructed with quality fabrics. A few of the brand’s signature details: double rivets on the left of the neck, engineered left chest pocket tees, and the cross-chest flap jacket.


With a forward concept of future wear made for today, the designers deliver the right balance of individualism with subtlety. "As do artists; we [dream], we [seek], we [create] and we [define]."




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Robinsons the Heeren, 260 Orchard Rd,

Singapore 238855


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