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Designer Shaleen Cheah founded her namesake brand in 2015, with the vision of capturing the power of the feminine through whimsical designs, intricate craftsmanship and bold aesthetics that celebrates the elegance in complexity, the spirit of individuality, and the soul of modern glamour.


An avid traveller, Cheah’s designs are characterized by strong influences gathered from her travels from far flung destinations and further punctuated with a modern bohemian flair that evokes the sense of nostalgia, beauty and freedom and exuding the essence of feminity.


“Our designs are made to tell a story, so you can tell yours.” – Shaleen Cheah


Shaleen Cheah is a Malaysian-based fashion designer that began her whirlwind journey in the world of fashion when she launched her eponymous fashion label 6 years ago.  Since then, she is one of the pioneers of “slow fashion” in Malaysia and has successfully established herself a new-age luxury fashion label – which garnered her a dedicated local and international following.



We take pride in producing small runs of collection, acting against fast fashion.  We are dedicated to creating high-quality garments that can stand the test of time.  As a brand, we are on a journey towards sustainability and minimizing negative environmental impacts in our business model.  Our aim is to shift the consumers’ attitude towards fast fashion and to embrace slow fashion.



Our vision is to empower women with our designs as well as cultivating a positive impact within the fashion community through innovation, sustainability, ethical practices, inclusivity and community.



All our garments are proudly designed and ethically produced in Malaysia.  We ensure there’s no unfair or unsafe labour practices that go into the production of our clothes.  Moreover, we ensure that our manufacturing partners meet our strict standards for: fair wages, safe working environment and social responsibility.

    Contact Details


    52 Jalan SS1/17,

    Petaling Jaya, 47300 Selangor,



    Press contact: Mughni Che Din, M.CD Creative.

    Email (M.CD Creative):

    Mobile: +6 013 360 0653


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