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Founded in Kuala Lumpur, XUE_S is a designer fashion brand which focuses on experimentation in upcycling. The clothing pieces are produced by using vintage clothes, denim scraps, leftovers or end of roll fabrics.
XUE_S gives a new lease of life to these forgotten garments by deconstructing and upcycling materials into sustainable innovations.

The main mission of XUE_S is to communicate and transmit the idea of mixing elements and fabrics in order to create an innovative way of fashion.


Our sustainable approach

XUE_S began its journey by focusing on the underlying issue of production waste in the fashion industry.  The brand is making a difference by being economically and environmentally friendly, whilst focusing on creating a more sustainable future by reducing the amounts of textile waste build-up. 

Hence, XUE_S ultimately aims to achieve zero waste in the process of producing garments.

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